Another 4wd show


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I found this show by accident this arvo. It's called Going 4wd, and it's on at 4pm on a Staurday afternoon on Ch 31. It only runs for half an hour, but appears to be a really good show. Certaily made me stop and watch.


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bugger I missed it but there is also a another one about to start on Foxtel (which I don't have) called "your4x4" I think. They have a web site where you can down load the episodes but they arn't available until they have aired on Foxtel but the trailers are available to watch. eztv download


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Going 4WD Season 2 will air from 9th June on C31 and from 14th June on WasabiTv Going 4WD :: Watch and Download Free Online Videos and TV Shows on WasabiTV with comps open to all Australian States.

The Going 4WD Series 1st Aired on C31 March 2 - May 25, 2008, Going 4WD quickly became Melbournes # 1 4x4 TV Show in its 1st season.

Going 4WD is all about Grass Roots Recreational 4x4. We promote Club activities including trips, bush clean up days, driver training etc. We will have sections on Tech Talk, How To's, Interviews, Product Reviews, Rigs Reviews & Competitions from time to time.

Going 4WD isn't just about the Clubs but also Non Club Members who just get out with their mates and like to enjoy the bush. (Less). We have 2 comps going atm, and anybody in australia can enter. the comps are for a mako winch and a tamami pump.