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Hi Guys and Gals,

I am planning an Anne Beadell trip for next April. One of the proposed party has ordered a brand new 79 series due for delivery Jan / Feb next year and does not want it scratched to buggery on first trip. For myself, I have done a few scratchy treks including CSR, SBJR, Madigan Line, Tallawana Track and Gary Highway. I would like a recent traveller to tell me just how scratchy it is and how you would compare it to any of the treks above. Do they rip your rear view mirrors off for instance, this is basically what I need to know.


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I've done the AB twice.. including just a few weeks ago.

I think you'd pretty much do the full length of the Anne Beadell without getting scratched but there's no way you'd get into some of the side tracks without getting some bush-stripes including Vokes Hill, the Light Aircraft wreck, some of the more obscure old infrastructure around the test site, some of the nicer camping spots..

Honestly, having a princess in the group who is afraid of getting scratched is a pain the bum. It rules out all sorts of cool stuff whatever place you end up.

Hope this helps.
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These are the corrugations that are the worst.. there's even chicken tracks around some sections of corrugations, its that bad.. Every vehicle weakness is exposed, any issue with racks, barwork, electrical connections, untorqued nuts/bolts, shock absorbers etc. Every single night should involve a vehicle inspection, get underneath and look at everything you can as often as you can. Third photo is one of my broken leaf springs from that trip - both sides, same leaf, same break point. The springs have had a tough life but they still finished the track and continued on and did a lot of the Holland Track afterwards before getting me home to Adelaide.