Anne Beadell Hwy

I intend travelling the AB from E to W next April (2009).
I've heard that many parts of the SA section are overgrown and that considerable vehicle scratching is inevitable. Now I expect to get some damage, but I'd like to restrict it as much as possible (I'll be replacing the LC100 after that trip and I want a good trade-in value). Has anyone here used the ScratchPro stuff that you put on with a roller, then peel off afetr the trip?


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Scratches will be the last of your problems !

corrugations will shake the beejeezuz out of you .

Some of our group did the Anne Beadel in 2006, for a heads up give Roy Dearing a phone call on 0417037100, he is an ugly old bugger , he may have trip notes that would be of interest to you .

Tell him Simmo said to get in touch

Phil 20

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Had friends who just traveled the AB and both had scratch pro on. it washed off and the bodywork was as good as new.
Thanks Phil,
Only problem I've heard of is if you apply it at home, then drive through rain to get to the dry deserts, it can sometimes peel off as you drive. Think I'll take it with me and roll it on at Coober Pedy.


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Just did the track last week

The a bit rough make sure you got plenty of spares and enough food and water for a week some part took 7h to drive 200km And you were driving all the time no time to look around Plenty of tyre repair pratice
All the best
Hi Ben,
Thanks for the info on the AB. Can you give me a bit more though? Where was the worst part (SA?). What sort of gear failures did you have? What vehicles? What tyre pressures? What exterior damage to vehicles?