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I saw heaps of Dingos in the Simpson Desert last month. This one was on the Madigan Line just over the border into Queensland..


Mr Rum

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I wish I'd taken another photo to show the scale of this spider, as it was enormous!
Might see if my parents got a different photo of it. If so, I'll share.
[EDIT: They didn’t get any photos of it. For reference, its legs easily would’ve spanned an adult’s face...]
We came across it on the outside of the Mossman Gorge Centre building, Mossman Gorge, Qld..

A Black-headed Python that we stopped for on the Endeavour Battlecamp Rd between Cooktown and Laura, Qld..

What I believe to be a Northern Blue Tongued Skink that we spotted crossing the Tanami Road east of Billiluna, WA..

And one of many Sand Goannas I've come across this year. I photographed this one in March, and I believe it was along the Birdsville Developmental Rd, QLD..
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I was wondering if anybody has seen any of these they are very rare Greater Mountain Glider very like a giant Sugar Glider.We found this one on the track with a Wedgetail Eagle standing over it we chased the Wedgie away but the Glider died soon after I only know of one place that they still live they make some weird sounds we have also seen Powerful Owls hunting them.
Greater mountain glider 002.JPG
Greater mountain glider 003.JPG

They are about 1 meter long.


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Yes mate I've seen one in East Gippsland a number of years ago, we were out spotlighting for mammals owls etc and was lucky enough to pick one out climbing up a big Euc. I think by memory we saw a Sooty Owl that night as well, their call on a still night out in a dark forest is one you never forget.



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Gained a new pet today... Decided to come in and lay on the tiles under the air con. Put him back in the garden with a dog bowl full of water... Assume that is what he was after.

Kind of glad he wasn't the Eastern Brown I passed out the front yesterday... He would have been letting himself back out