Always wanting now i can.


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Hi all have always wanted to go bush bashing and now have the chance to do so. We have a Mitsubishi challenger 05 which is stock.

Im wanting to have a snorkel put on it but am not sure if there are specific types and where to go?

All advice is needed for the newbie and will be much appreciated.

If there are items that you maybe wanting to sell please let me know as well



I would like to thank you all for your kind words and advise. Hope to see you out there sometime soon


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gyday dan

cannot help with the car bits doesnt stop you enjoying the bush with a standard rig good luck go with someone is always good advice. :cool:

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Hi Dan, welcome and enjoy, the Safari range of snorkel seem to be the best you can buy(not including home made ones) but you can do a fair bit without one anyway. Just learn the abilities of your rig and go with that. I think your Bitsa can ford up to about 500mm anyway, check the owners manual.
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Absolutely hate the term 'bush bashing', but welcome to the site Dan.
Lee can help you with bitsa info, she has one too, reckons it goes alright!!


Hi and welcome Dan :D

Never under estimate the capabilities of your Challenger, they do alright, l'm stock standard but have been places and done things that l probably shouldn't have but l've never been let down.

Best advice is to get to know your car and it's capabilites as well as your some easy tracks, learn a little bit about wheel placement and develop your confidence.

Make sure you've got recovery gear and best thing is to always go out with someone so you've got a bit of help or guidance if you need it.
Feel free to pm me or post any other questions, l'll help if l can..... check out my links below to see what you can do in a Challenger. ;)