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Alternative to Davies Plain Tk

Discussion in 'Tracks Discussion' started by FrankP, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. FrankP

    FrankP New Member

    Hi All,

    We were planning to drive Tom Groggin to Limestone Hut via Davies Plain Track in the week following 22nd Jan but current info says the track is closed. Am waiting on a call back from Parks Vic for further info.

    An alternative if required would be Tom Groggin Track-Mt Hope Rd-Buckwong Tk-McIntyres Tk to join the original route at Limestone Creek Tk.

    Driving a 2017 lifted Ford Everest with Mud Terrain 33s and a lifted 2014 BT50 with half worn BFG ATs (31s, I guess), winch and recovery gear.

    Can anyone offer advice on suitability of the alternative for those vehicles, and also track conditions.

    Thanks in advance

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  2. barcher

    barcher Well-Known Member

    Can't help you with current track conditions, but been in that area plenty of times in the past. Tom Groggin track and My Hope are easy. McCarthys and Limestone creek track have a few areas where you will need low range, but still easy.
  3. FrankP

    FrankP New Member

    Thanks for that, barcher. I had a chat to the ranger after my post sat around for a while and he said the same thing, and that the track is in good condition.
    What about Mt Pinnibar and Mt Anderson tracks then cut east to intersect the highlighted route between Dinner Ck Track and Portas Log Rd as a more adventurous option. We like a bit of a challenge but are not set up with sliders, armour and barwork so it needs to be not too extreme.
    Thanks again in advance.

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  4. barcher

    barcher Well-Known Member

    Tom Groggin to Mt Pinnibar is more interesting, bit more low range. Then backtrack slightly to Mt Gibbo track onto Mt Anderson, this section of track had a lot of dead trees so after a high wind or storm a chainsaw could be handy. But in January there would have been plenty of traffic through there and keep it clear.
  5. FrankP

    FrankP New Member

    Yep, have a chainsaw.
    Pinstriping, mate? With nice vehicles (his is new) we hate it.
    Thanks for the info, it sounds quite doable.
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  6. Jaye

    Jaye Well-Known Member

    Mt Pinnibar tk is a good one if you cant do davies plain tk. Your vehicle will be fine to do the track unless its raining, you might struggle. It would have seen plenty of traffic since it opened so I wouldnt think you would need a saw. We didnt when we went through in November, but it is still handy to have incase there has been rains or winds, but that goes for the whole of the high country really.

    If you can do Davies plain tk, do it! Its not often open these days and when it is, its a bit later than the rest. One day hopefully I will get the chance to drive it.
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  7. FrankP

    FrankP New Member

    Thanks Jaye.

    I've had some more feedback on Mt Pinnibar tk on another forum and with your comments it looks like a goer.

    Many years ago - maybe 8 or 9 - I drove to Davies Plain Hut from Tom Groggin. I would like to do the whole lot. The ranger says it should open mid February but it will have to be another time for us.

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  8. FrankP

    FrankP New Member

    Got back a few days ago and had a ball. Crossed the Murray at Tom Groggin, then Tom Groggin Tk/Mt Hope Rd to Buckwong and McCarthys tracks to The Poplars campground for two nights and a day. Then Limestone Creek track to Limestone Rd and Benambra for fuel. Then Beloka Rd/Tom Groggin Tk, across to Mt Gibbo, then Mt Anderson Tk to Mt Pinnibar, then down the hill towards Tom Groggin, turn around in places and do the steep bits uphill for fun, then back down to overnight at Tom Groggin. That's kinda the loop that Parks Vic show on their info board at the Murray crossing.

    Most interesting tracks were Mt Gibbo (scrabbly shale and steep), Buckwong (steep and with steep rollovers, but in good nick), McCarthy's (a bit washed out, white clay would be a nightmare if wet), Limestone Creek (very washed out and very steep in places). Mt Pinnibar was pretty easy, but all were dry so that helped.

    Thanks for the advice and tips, guys. Great trip, but a lot more to do in that area.
  9. cam190

    cam190 New Member

    silly question but does anyone know if the whole of Davies plain track will be open this summer or is it still closed by Parks Vic ??
  10. Bomber2012

    Bomber2012 Well-Known Member

    It was supposed to be open last year but never did , depends if they can get in with machines to clear the track.
  11. cam190

    cam190 New Member

    Going down in March fingers crossed then if not we will take the track listed above

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