**almost** unbreakable 70 series


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This is a pic of a shotfirers 70 series after 120 boosters (thats about 60kg of extremely high explosive) exploded on the tray. Luckily he was out of the vehicle opening a gate. The explosion moved the vehicle 7m forward through the gate, and the shotfirer was unharmed apart from a few cuts & a perforated ear drum (funny that). These vehicles are standard apart from a firewall between the cab & the tray, and no electrics & fuel behind the firewall. Enjoy!


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I never did see the final verdict but probably caused by severe impact, or possibly as a secondary explosion caused by a faulty detonator (also being carried in a separate box on the tray).


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thats crazy....... his lucky it was'nt a patrol he would have been riddled with srapnal