Well while all u guys were out enjoying yourselves 4x4ing a few of us had to do the hard yards, Gunna and Family, Not Gillty and Family and the Mrs and Myself had it really TOUGH, see pics and you'll understand exactly what I mean.

Pic1 All parked up (Nowhere to go)
Pic2 Just doing it tough
Pic3 Gilly at rest as usual
Pic4 Just lazing around
Pic5 Campfires Burning
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Thanks for shairing Grumpy.

Gunna looks a lot better than his work photo or was it a bit early t say that:):)


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By the way Gilly how did u fair with your Light Relay, Cheers

Just got back from Warragul after looking all through Moe for one. Got it and now waiting for it to cool down a bit before replacing.

Thanks Grumpy and Gunna for a great evening and the help with the lights. I guess things can go wrong with Cruisers. Mind you, it was after i hit the speed of sound!!!! The sound of the missus crapping her pants at 10.30pm when the lights go out at 110k/h......:eek::D


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Heres just a few more pics.

Grumpys rear end. Going through the "tunnel".

L-R knot_gillty, Grumpy and Gunna. Cruiser convoy!!

See, we CAN get on our beaches!!!

Hoping a wave might come.......Grumpy getting ready to cast.

middle Gunna jr, Mrs Gunna, Mrs Grumpy, Mrs knot_gillty, knot_gillty, Grumpy, oldest knot_gillty jr, Gunna jr jr and knot_gillty jr jr.