Air horn for 07 holden rodeo

i4g3t rodeo

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I have bought a air horn to install on my 2007 holden rodeo turbo diesel and was wondering if anyone else has installed them? What is the best place to install them?


Mate, I tried the same by just connecting the air horn compressor to the existing horn wires. Worked fine until the compressor got a bit wet and started to sound like a wet fart every time I pressed the horn. I ended up just buying 2 electric horns off the internet and wiring them to the existing horn. Sounds great now. And loud :)


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ok if your car doesn't need to be pink or blue slipped, the horn is a safety thing and some inspectors don't like them, air horns or trumpets should be independently switched,


We live in SA mate. Not slack but understanding :cool: I agree about the safety thing, but I never had much luck with air horns anyway. Cheers and stay safe.