air con top up


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well dropped lurch (trust me if you drove it you would know) in for a regas , it has a drink cooler in the centre console that makes ice as well ,and a rear unit as well .
should cost a little more big system and all thats and will need pressure testing should be about 380,estimate , that reasonable given the carbon tax has added to lifes pleasures.
held pressure test for 2 days , enquired on Wednesday good too go ,like to keep it another night on test .
Notified thursday pump wasnt working real good ,seals failing okay strip down and fix .
Friday go and pick up truck hit with a bill for 1300 ouch
480 labour
560 for a new pump
plus the sundries
question is why didnt I see this coming


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find out tomorrow going to inspect all our newly graded fire trails with the local club .


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Greetings BILLBY,

Great Truck Nick Name, LURCH, Ha Ha Ha.
Man, I Bet That Bill was A Surprise ?

Cheers Michael