Air Con issue


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I've been having a bit of an issue with my a/c in the Hilux , every now and then (might happen every couple of months) I set it on cool and no problem but after 30 mins or so it stops blowing cool air and is blowing warmish air . If I turn it off for a while then re start it goes back to normal , Its a 2006 model with 470k on the clock , anyone have a suggestion ?


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Hey Bomber. I had problems once with water and gunk intermittently blocking my drain hoses. Just thought my A/C was pissy, my mechanic dad looked disparagingly at me and promptly reamed out the hoses with a bit of wire and walked away in disgust. :rolleyes:Might be worth checking.
good luck



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The ac shuts off if the engine runs hot. Towing in hot weather can do it regularly. Can you hear your fan cut in when its doing it. Could be your fan has no oil


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There are 2 valves in most air cond systems, 1 or both of those could be faulty, its the most likely for a system that is cold then not then cold again.
Any good air cond service person should be able to test it.
Worth fixing because the end result if you don't will be a stuffed compressor and you whole system will end up full of oil and rubbish which will be very expensive to fix and cost more than the old lux is worth.
How ironic given the comments made a few days ago about old cars:mad:


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My BMW X3 isn't new, so obviously I've had some issues with the air conditioner. Since then, I change filters every 4 months. I also had a situation when my home air conditioner broke down. It all started when the aircon started to make weird noises. At first, we didn't really pay attention to it. But every time we turned on the aircon the sound was getting more noisy. So we called a technician from It turned out that the fancoils were simply worn out. The man told us that if we wouldn't call him the aircon could actually explode. We were terrified. Happily, now it works well. I also clean the A/C from time to time...


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The lounge aircon was making funny noises and not working so well (heating). Cleaned the filters and working just like a new one.