air cleaners aftermarket


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we all have one ,but aftermarket units do a better job of getting air in so we can push it out
that much I know , were? is the rest of the information always looking to gain some and then save some coin with fuel savings.
and I do understand that in different situations more protection is needed dusty to muddy say
So folks who of you out there who know what I could use .
speak up


K&N make a washable air-filter,I was given a couple of Genuine washable Toyota Filters,not sure how long they last as i haven't really been anywhere since it was dusty...


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I'm also using unifilter and happy with it......the snorkel pre filter is great for dusty conditions and I carry a couple of pre oiled spare filters and a spare pre oiled pre filter in a resealable bag ready to go.
You may also find that some foam filters offer more protection through finer filtration and are washable so can save you money in the long run.