Ahoy - Wombat Forest 4WD Touring Route OK for a stock Grand Cherokee?

Dirk D

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Hi there,

Bit about me - I like to shop on gumtree to support local economy and when I'm bored I sometimes search 'stolen' and pretend to hold people's items ransom for extravagant sums. I was thinking of developing a new hobby so I can be a more well rounded member of society.

Our Grand Cherokee's lease is ending in a few months and thought it might be interesting to use the 4WD option for something other than the annual trip to Mt Donna Buang for snowplay or unnecessarily using it on a dirt road that could be aced by a Yugo.

Precursory findings indicate the Wombat Forest 4WD Touring Route is an easy to moderate track of 100ks or so (when dry) - https://www.ffm.vic.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0032/91886/FS0125-Wombat-State-Forest-4WD-Tour.pdf

Any seasoned travelers to offer a risk / fun analysis on this one or suitable alternate? My searching so far on the site only produced a subset of shorter tracks in that area.

Assumptions: originating from eastern burbs of melb for a full day trip or 1 night stay in area - solo endeavor without any gear (oh dear) - planning a journey for mid next week (assuming no rain rain at least 2 to 3 days prior) - not too fussed if I scratch things up yet prefer to avoid major structural / mechanical damage.

Yours in Christ, Dirk D


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Any Jeep Grand Cherokee will easily handle easy to moderate tracks in standard form. I've found that government track ratings are usually very conservative and would personally expect to be able to do easy to moderate in 2wd in most cases unless it's wet. I might add as a warning that I'm often wrong and frequently spread false information. I think your main issue will be if the Jeep can travel 100kms without breaking down......sorry mate, but it's required behaviour on this site to put the boot into Jeeps and Land Rovers at every opportunity because they aren't Toyotas. Peer pressure made me do it. :D

John U

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Hey mate. I went to do this exact route as 1 of my first fair dinkum 4wding adventures. I thought Distillery track was too steep so didn’t continue. I probably would’ve been ok with lower Tyre pressures. I’ve learnt quite a bit since and have been considering revisiting it for a day out.

Word of warning, STAY AWAY FROM ANDERSONS MILL TRACK. Many deep bog holes.


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Your stock Grand will be fine, they are very capable. My stock Overland has held up fine on some tricky sections of track where others had to have multiple cracks.

Dirk D

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Hey gang, thanks for the feedback and confidence boost. In case anyone else is considering the route as a rookie during dry conditions: Distillery Track (ingress from Finger Post Rd) was an adrenaline hit on the first incline (took the rocky part up to first 'plateau') - some quick measurements of the deep, multi rutted second incline and fact that when in 4WD Low the driver side front was creating a distant chainsaw sound prompted a tight turn around and retreat back down the steeper dirt section of the first incline.

All in all a nice drive despite the physical map, GPS, and signage not always aligning - during the second part of the journey we inadvertently deviated onto Wheeler Rd - Lederderg Rd and survived a puddle laden 'shortcut' on Olsens Trk. We did drop the tires from 2.5 to 2.2 yet probably wasn't needed except for Distillery Trk. Happy trails!