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aftewr local knowldge - Flinders ranegs

Discussion in 'Tracks Discussion' started by Superdad, May 15, 2018.

  1. Superdad

    Superdad Well-Known Member

    hi all,

    I am planning a family trip to the Flinders Range in July. 3 x kids under 12.

    how long do you guys think is the right amount of time for a family to spend here without getting bored?
  2. mac_man_luke

    mac_man_luke Well-Known Member

    I would say a week would be a good amount of time to see a lot of it but it can be an expensive place to visit.
    If you want to drive 4wd tracks each day your going to be up for about $50+ per track as they are mostly on private properties other than a few PARs
    If you plan on spending longer i would split the trip up and also do the area around Arkaroola (Gammon Ranges)
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  3. Superdad

    Superdad Well-Known Member

    Thanks Luke

    any comment on the best 2 x tracks up there?
  4. mac_man_luke

    mac_man_luke Well-Known Member

    I would recommend:
    Mt Samuel track -
    Nice drive through varied terrain with some technical spots, good whole day out unlike some tracks that are done in a few hours.

    All the PAR/Gorge tracks are worth doing eg Nuccaleena Mine, Brachina Gorge and they are free

    Bendley Ranges is also a good place to visit with lots of tracks and good accomodation but its a little further south than the bulk of flinders.

    I would avoid skytrek at willow springs, since they lost access to the range on the neighbouring property is just station tracks basically.

    Bunbinyunna Track - was not bad either but pretty short for the $$$
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  5. barcher

    barcher Well-Known Member

    Be prepared for cold nights.
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  6. 80lover96gxl

    80lover96gxl Moderator

    Depending on budget, and timeframe i would split the trip into two sections. Starting at Bendleby ranges and staying 3 days/nights there. The amount of tracks, family friendly accom ( fascilities etc)and free firewood and some stunning campsites make it the best station stay in the Flinders without doubt, it is pricey but if funds allow well worth it.

    2nd leg of trip would stay at Rawnsley park station in the heart of the flinders. Great bush camping or cvan park style all set at the southern wall of Wilpena pound makes for a spectacular backdrop and a great base for day trips out from there.
    What Luke said for the rest with the two private tracks and the free PAR tracks which are well worth a look.
    Enjoy your trip.
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  7. Superdad

    Superdad Well-Known Member

    thanks Brian

    budget money is not such an issue so these are interesting. They are both south of The Flinders NP itself, assume they are still close enough for access?

    we are more your free camp types (though 240v is always welcome...)

    do these places get very busy in Winter School hols?
  8. mac_man_luke

    mac_man_luke Well-Known Member

    Rawnsley is located close enough to cover pretty much all of the flinders. There bush camping area is huge so even if it gets busier there will be plenty of room to have your own spot.

    Bendelby is more isolated but there is plenty to do in the property itself for at least a few days if not more. They also have some more remote bush campsites which you can book and have to yourself.

    There is some free bush camping in the flinders but not much, mostly private properties
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  9. Superdad

    Superdad Well-Known Member

    Thanks Luke
  10. 80lover96gxl

    80lover96gxl Moderator

    What Luke said mate:D.

    I will add tho, dispite the desire to bush camp you guys would be doing yourselves an injustice to travel this far over here and not spend atleast a few days at Bendleby. The amount of tracks on offer is awesome and scenery alone makes it worth the stay.
    The Bendleby range side would be enough to wet your tastebuds before heading over to the hungry ranges (same property ) where the tracks start to get more "interesting". No affiliation with the place mate just dont want you to miss out on one of the best places to camp and 4wd in the state.

    Free camps in the flinders itself may be hard to come by during school hols mate but you could be lucky and jag yourself a little secluded spot.
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  11. cam04

    cam04 Well-Known Member

    With 3 little kids I would think about camping right at the resort which has the closest access to the pound, and do day trips out of there. We did it that way last year. Hot showers/toilets etc., and a bus up into the pound for walking with the young ones. The rest is easy to get to by car.
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  12. muffin man

    muffin man Well-Known Member

    While I don't camp at Wilpena any more it's a good spot with young kids. Generally in the school holidays the Rangers run stuff to amuse the kids, well they used to. Walking trails, 4wd trips, flights, store, etc all close by, it's central to "everything".
    If you're after the hardest 4wd tracks, as suggested Bendleby is the place but I think the scenery in the Central and Northern Flinders is much nicer.
    Guess us South Aussies are lucky as it's so close to Adelaide and we can go year after year to explore different areas.
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  13. Superdad

    Superdad Well-Known Member

    Thanks everyone for sharing your knowledge. We will stay at Bendleby and Rawnsley which is a different trip to what i would have done had i not asked but thee places do look great.

    thanks again all for your input - much appreciated.
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  14. 80lover96gxl

    80lover96gxl Moderator

    Hope you have a great trip.
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  15. Superdad

    Superdad Well-Known Member

    hi guys

    Just a note to say thanks again. We went to Rawnsley and ended up staying there the entire time - the kids met some buddies who they got along with really well so they were happy and we figured, why upset the apple cart.

    Shame i missed Bendleby as i understand the 4WD'g is awesome but driving is not something the family like to do as much as me....

    Beautiful part of the world - even got my 5yo to hike the 12km track to Rawnsley Bluff lookout!

    Finally, you SA guys all have good taste - saw many more Landcruisers than i saw dual cabs.... don't get that in NSW!!
  16. 80lover96gxl

    80lover96gxl Moderator

    Glad you enjoyed it. Beautiful rugged country up thru there.

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