advice on new tyres please


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Well, I tried something different.. The D694's lasted 50K - could have ringed another 5-10K out of them but wanted safety as a priority. I ended up with the Coopers ST Maxx in 225/75/16 @ $290 fitted and bal'd and am very happy with them( BUT, am yet to go offroad) have had them for a month and they are definately noiser that the B/S althought they are marketed as a 50/50 road mud. As i don't have a winch or bullbar i wanted something that would (hopefully) get me out of trouble without sliding around too much on mud at work.

I might have tried the pirelli's if i could find them anywhere in eastern suburbs of melb.

As is written countless times on these forums it just pays to do some homework. i tthink the sucess of the tyre is very dependant on the vehicle it is fitted to and any varying loads carried. (i normally carry 300+kgs in hilux without aftermarket springs and over xmas emptied it out almost completely and drove for a week and hated it - very bouncy, but more the hilux than the tryes methinks,.

BFG At's, KM2's and coopers ST Maxx and STT were all basically the same price (290) in my tyre size. I did however find general variance of up to $40 per tyre between shops, with all styles almost same price.



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I know its to late for he Pirellis now, but did you try Jax quikfit at Bayswater? Or was supply an issue from Pirelli?


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Avoid the Dunlop AT3s

In regards the Dunlop AT3s, some of the confusion comes from the fact they do a LT and non-LT version. I put on a set of AT3's just over 12 months ago and have had four side wall splits in that time. The AT3's for the Prado aren't the Light Truck version (which has the white writing) and are no good for 4WDing. Two of the splits happened on a training track, one on a Grade 2 and only the most recent was on a decent (i.e., semi-challenging) track. For the price paid, I made the 'assumption' that they were the LT version and have paid the price since.

Luckily I purchased the tyre warranty but even then there is always the argument over how much tread is left on the tyre (i.e., how much I have to pay) - if I trusted this, the tyres would apparently only be good for 20,000 KMs ('50% wear' after just 10,000 KMs). I've now accepted that I need a second set as I can't take the AT3s out bush.


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I have had bfg AT's on my hilux and cruiser and they are great off road. I recently got a good price on some maxxis and they are better on road but not as good in slushy snow. My father inlaw used two sets of bridgestones in under 40000km on his patrol. And my little jimny only just got 40000 out of one set of bridgestones. Btw my last set of bfg's got 120000km with out a flat. I think I would have gotten more but the 60 series has always been hard wearing on the front right.

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IRONMAN A/T's 265/75/16's for $200 a corner

I had Ironmans on the truck when I bought it last year. Really good tyres off road even with minimal tread left.

Fitted a set of BS D697s last month (latest model apparently - only been out a few months). So far very happy with them on road (excellent grip & super quiet). Haven't had them off road yet but looks like a decent tread pattern. Dad's just fitted them to his Challenger as well as is pretty chuffed.