Advice - Auto Box Fluid Level - 80 Series


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What are your thoughts on this.......

I have always checked the auto box fluid level in my 80 series after driving the fourby for a while. When I do this the fluid level has always been on the hot-high mark.

I check the fluid levels with the engine running, gear in Park.

Yesterday I decided to check before driving the 80. A cold level check. To my surprise the level (instead of being within the Cold high or low marks) it was well above the cold-high mark. I then drove the 80 for about 10kms. Checked again and the level was on the Hot-high mark. Not a bit over.

I am guessing it is alright if the level is within the safe range when hot. But how come it is way out when cold?

Aaron Schubert

The manual probably suggests to do it with a warm box, so what you've been doing is correct. It doesn't really matter where it sits when its cold.