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Adelaide to Emerald (QLD) route advice

Discussion in 'Trips' started by Gidgee, May 27, 2018.

  1. Gidgee

    Gidgee Member

    I need to drive to Emerald in July and looking for ideas on what to see on the way. I plan to take around 5-6 nights to get there and going via Broken Hill, I think, e.g possible route;
    Will be going solo and don't consider the Birdsville track a good idea this trip for time and prep reasons.
    All suggestions are welcome.
  2. smitty_r51

    smitty_r51 Well-Known Member

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  3. Steve Burston

    Steve Burston New Member

    Hi. I’ve just gone through that way. If you get a chance and have a few days spare have a look at the Canarvon Gorge
    National park. I stayed at Takarakka resort/ camping park I mentioned that so you would know what part of the park I’m talking about. It has various length trails to different gorges with lots of wildlife just roaming around. Great spot.
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  4. Gidgee

    Gidgee Member

    How long should Broken Hill to Tilpa really take? Google maps says 6 hours, with 4 hrs Wilcannia to Tilpa which seems kinda long...
  5. Gidgee

    Gidgee Member

    New possible route :
    The Darling River road, what is the realistic time to do Wilcannia to Bourke, assuming dry road? (we plan to O/N at Tilpa)
    Google says we can go through Gowrie Station from Charleville to Augathella, is that true?
    Google also thinks Augathella then going through the middle of Carnavon National Park to Springsure is possible. True? And a total time of 13 hours, is that realistic? Google's route is probably not the best one of course, so would like suggestions.
  6. typhoeus

    typhoeus Well-Known Member

    35 + years ago. I was on a round Aus working holiday and we went up thru Carnarvon gorge, and there was an old bloke called …………."Carnarvon George" who lived in a makeshift camp just outside the nat park. He had horses which just wandered around his tent, no power, which was a big tarp large enough for him and the horses and more. He had the Qld govt figured out. He built an old. . . car chassis and engine with a wagon ( as in horse drawn) body on it with seating etc, and with draw bar for the horses to pull it. the engine ran, and the steering was hooked up to this drawbar, so the vehicle did not have to be registered ( he hated the govt) as it was a "power assisted horse drawn wagon" . He took people on night tours of places where nocturnal wildlife hung out for $2 a pop. He was a real character and I often wonder what happened to him
  7. ULost2

    ULost2 Well-Known Member

    maybe a bit late with this --- I lived up in that country for awhile --- beautiful country north of roma >injune>gorge>rolleston > springsure >emerald
    think about tambo >east to springsure > north to emerald
    > if you are really adventurous you could look for the start of the Nogoa River (off the tambo - s/sure road)

    Springsure_NogaRiver 10.jpg
    emerald via the dam > turn off south of emerald (gindi)
    Blind driving finds the better stuff and things IMo
    Carnarvon gorge is a must going up or back
    Follow the darling river from wilcancania would beat the main roads (only if dry
    thargominda is the only aust town I know of where power comes from the hot springs
    gem fields west of emerald (??)
    Yep; I'm starting to get "home" sick
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  8. ULost2

    ULost2 Well-Known Member

    Lightning ridge is worth a look if going past
    there is a black soil 'shortcut' from Helbel on the border to Brewarrana (east of bourke
    north of injune there is a dirt road (acadia valley rd (??) ] off to the right that goes around and back to the highway -- I took that road for something different before the h/way was bitumen
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  9. Gidgee

    Gidgee Member

    Will post a trip report later, but wanted to store the google maps route here since they limit destinations.

    Adelaide to Charleville:
    Did the East Tilpa road (south east side of river), tip from the Wilcannia servo was it's in better condition, and confirmed by a caravan tower in the Tilpa pub halfway ;). Also went through some of the Gundabooka Nat Park. The Darling is in a shocking state, talking with locals this Government should be monumentally ashamed, even if exacerbated by drought the cotton farmers are doing just fine everywhere in the catchment.

    Nindigully to Nyngan Riverside Tourist Park (return trip)
    Nindi free camp was the plan, but 25mm rain the day before left a less than exciting mudflat for the tent, so booked the last room available. Very quiet roads mostly, brief stop at Lightning Ridge, bit touristy for my liking so moved on, could have free camped in Carinda (Dear Carinda, more trees at the campsite would be more appealing) but pushed on to Nyngan.
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  10. Gidgee

    Gidgee Member

    Thanks for all the input, the trip went great, next one is in the planning stages already, via Birdsville up and Tibooburra back I reckon.

    PS. there is water at Menindee in Lake Pamamaroo only but all others are bone dry, bloody shame, but the sunset there was as stunning as I've ever seen.
  11. ULost2

    ULost2 Well-Known Member

    Wilcannia servo -- there was a much less expensive supply in the suburbs :rolleyes: -- one or two streets behind the h/way servo . No idea if it's still there (??)
  12. Gidgee

    Gidgee Member

    Yeah, it was closed because of a fire, not sure if still closed, the fire seemed to be in some hay shed nearby. I only topped up, was full from BH, but yes the most expensive servo on the trip at $1.70, cheapest ones were Injune and Yunta which was interesting. I make a point of watching where truckies fill up ;)

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