Adelaide to Broome


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Has any one done this trip? Would appreciate some info and any points of interest along the way. Probably go through the tanami. Any knowledge of what to be cautious of would also be more than welcome.


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My father in-law did it about 3 years ago. He loved the drive but reckons "check ahead for servo open hours"!! They got caught short a bit and thought they would just pull into the Rabbit Flat roadhouse. When they got there it was closed and not due to open for 2 more days. They persisted on and managed to find some in a certain something and the 20lt they "borrowed" got them to the next servo!! So, check ahead if you don't have the fuel capacity or just take extra. Have a good trip mate..

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Hi Allan,

We are going to do that trip in 2011 but then go down to Perth and back. Will keep an eye here to see where your headed to add to our info.

How long you going for and which way

Kaz :)