Adelaide: Looking for some mud, summer only tracks to hit up anyone know of any?...


Reckon that's Big Desert State Forest, which would be good, and free camping, just a bit further.

Yeah, we could slot in a Bushys run sometime, be another good weekender.

That would make for 3 excellent sand driving weekends we can slot in somewhere in the monthly gaps.
Yeah keen for a big desert run ,, been to long since I was in there.

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Sorry everyone. Im not a hoon or anything like that, was just looking for a few tracks close to home.
You're right mate, didn't want to put you off, just explain about the bad side of looking for mud on such tracks.
Back roads are be fine for exploring when dry, we just take it easy so not to create too much dust for the locals, or run 'em off the road going too fast etc :D

I'll pm you when we set a date for this next trip and see if you want to jump on board.


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You'd think anyone with a commercial property for 4WDn would have just a simple website for people to find them ??
Searching Dorado Downs, with / without Geranium SA, yields some results, but nothing from the owners, and no contact details to be found.

I think I found it via a post by Rick (Chard) on 4WDA forum ages ago, the owners name was there, so that brought up a W (Bill) Small at Geranium on White Pages ok.
For the record the (unconfirmed as yet) number is 8577 2228 . . . as mentioned, Bill Small.

Will try that and get some info on going up for a weekender.
Maybe mid September, as that is pretty clear of other trips by the looks.

Jay, do you have a roster yet for 13/14, or 20/21 Sept ?
The previous Fri arvo departure would likely be an alternative for those that can get away, so check that too.

tuffcolorado, would like to see you join in too mate, how are you looking for such a trip ?
That's the number I had for Bill. Added to the track details Darado Downs - 4x4 Earth Australia for 4WD Tracks
Very hard to get a booking. From past experiences, the cooler months get booked out year to year.

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That's the number I had for Bill. Added to the track details Darado Downs - 4x4 Earth Australia for 4WD Tracks
Very hard to get a booking. From past experiences, the cooler months get booked out year to year.
Cheers Rick, I might just work out a date for mid Sept, and do Big Desert State Forest area, lots in there to drive, and free . . . just a little further, but really, with access off the BT you're into the off road at the same distance anyway :)

Dorado can wait along with Bushys, perhaps a couple of early 2015 trips there to do.

Looking at the Lovedays trip, will l wait and see re this plan above.
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4x4 tracks Adelaide

Hi folks,

I've just inherited around 200 acres of land near kuitpo that has some good 4WD mountain tracks and a few dams. Want to look after the place but also open it up to the general public. The tracks are pretty gnarly and def need low range to move around the rocky sections. How much should I charge for each 4WD that is reasonable considering it only takes around 45 minutes to drive around the place? Also should I allow dogs to run around? Not sure if this important for 4WD people?


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G'day Marcus, welcome to Earth mate.

I reckon a great idea would be to invite some Earthers down for a look, and maybe have a drive around with you (you do have a 4WD yeah ? If not could hitch a ride.)
Could be a simple 1/2 day trip one Sat or Sun, with say a cap of 15 or 20 or whatever.

Quite a few of us have helped build tracks in the past, helped build facilities etc.

Would be able to see what the potentials are, and give some thoughts on tracks, possible camping, other ideas to make a day trip out of it (maybe stock those dams with some Redfin ??), have a bbq lunch down there.
200 acres isn't a heck of a lot, but you might be able to make something of it.

Dogs, I feel many would rather see these sort of places dog free, as generally dogs around camps can be a pain in the asre, stealing food and crapping / peeing on tents.
Most properties are pet free anyway due to many being working properties.
But if you didn't have those issues of stock on the property, maybe it would be a hit with dog owners and a big drawcard, just have to have a few rules like under control at all times, clean up after your dog, etc.
For the record we have always had dogs, and love em, currently we have our Golden Retriever 'Junior', and he loves swimming in dams :D

Good luck with it Marcus, could be a good thing to have something down close in the south.


Hi marcus $15 for a play.

Maybe get a few of the local earthers out there for a day to make a few tracks for you so you could charge maybe $25 a day per vehicle.

1 thong to take into consideration would be insurance, not too clued up on that myself but something to look into if want to make it a regular thing.

Maybe start a new thread under general discussion page with your question, should get a few replies there.

Good luck with the venture.