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I have been testing this thermometer for over a month now that I bought through Amazon for around $46 delivered and find it to be one of the better ones mainly because of two features. Firstly it comes with two sensors, one for the fridge and one for the freezer. They recommend you use lithium Battery's for the freezer because of the cold environment. Also not to use rechargeable but my eneloops have held up for a month. It's not a big issue to use normal batteries for longer trips.

You can set 2 alarms for each window on the main controller. The highest temp before your notified with an alarm and lowest temp before your notified. There is a 15 minute gap before it checks the temp again and allows for opening and closing the fridge. If your using one or two sensors it let's you know how high the fridge has been and how low if your not using the alarms. The main unit is not backlit but it's exceptionally clear to read as in the pictures.





Rear view with 4 magnets..


Side view when not such to metal...

The main unit has 4 round batteries in the back to stick to metal and also a plastic pull out piece, like a picture frame for free standing..

The senders themselves have a clamp on each and a suction cup but I didn't find it affective.


I believe this unit is worth the money, it only takes a few hours on a hot day if your fridge has popped a fuse etc and you don't notice it in the rear of your vehicle or camper etc..

I've also had something turn my fridge temp dial around in the canopy and over a couple of hours drive I opened my fridge to find it had frozen everthing, lettuce, tomotoes were like cricket balls as we're there eggs :eek:, had to throw a fair bit of food out..

I've tested to about 10 metres and it worked fine, I'll test it further shortly...

Oh yeah it only gives you temp in one, two degrees incraments not 0.1 etc

Product Description:

The Chaney Instrument 00985 Wireless Refrigerator Freezer Thermometer comes with programmable temperature alarms for your fridge and freezer Wireless Digital Refrigerator/ Freezer Thermometer features an audible and visual alarm when temperatures exceed your pre-set minimum and maximum selection. Chaney Instrument 00985 Wireless Refrigerator Freezer Thermometer Features: Audible and visual alarms when temperatures exceed your pre-set minimum and maximum selection Remote sensors are equipped with spring action clips to secure inside regrigerator or freezer. Suction cups included Main unit equipped with a fold out stand and magnets on back of unit Temperature range -4 degF to 158 degF with alkaline batteries, -22 degF to 158 degF with lithium batteries (not included) select °C or °F for displayed temperatures Main unit, 2 AAA batteries Refrigerator unit, 2 AA batteries Freezer unit, 2 AA batteries Main unit dimensions: 2-0.8cm H x 5-2.2cm W x 2.5cm Thick Remote sensor dimensions: 10.5cm H x 3.5cm W x 2.1cm Thick

Manual :


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I have been running one of those for about three years. I had a leaking battery in one of the senders recently so it seems to be playing up a bit now but has been great up until then


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Those guys make some of the best machine digital readouts around. As in lathe and milling machines readout. Not surprised their thermometer is good.