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Hey guys,

I'm moving to Canberra in a few weeks and will definitely be looking at heading into the Brindabella Ranges - really want to check out flea creek. Any recommendations for what sort of recovery gear I will need to explore that area? How do you go with navigation?



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It's a fairly easy run into the creek. My wife did it in a great wall SUV with highway tyres at 40psi.. However I did have my runner fully kitted in case.. It's an easy trip I've been on driveways steeper
Click on the link in the post above yours, and watch for the next trip. Twisty won't steer you wrong..
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Thanks. It would be great to head out with some experienced people! Unfortunately I think my transmission needs a recon before I head out of town :(


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Is this still a thing? I was up there over the weekend, going to Flea Creek, didn't think to stop and take a photo! Always next time though :)