AC DC battery charger


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Gday guys,
I am wanting to purchase a decent battery charger, and Thought I would look for some advice / suggestions here...
I would mainly use it to charge my dual batteries in my 60 series cruiser when camped on powered sites, and at home. The batteries are separated by a Basic Redarc VSR. The batteries are both about 100ah (nothing flash). If I place the charger on the starting battery, the VSR will connect both batteries together, causing the charger to charge both at the same t.
I am currently looking at the following:
Ctek PRO15S
Projecta 16amp
Redarc 10amp

can I go to a higher amp charger for faster charging (25 amp?)



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After chatting to a few people I ordered a Victron 15amp battery charger (and a Victron MPPT 75/15 Solar Regulator)....
$210 delivered for the charger, and $122 for the Solar Reg...


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if the batteries are down a bit the vsr will clunk in an out until you charge past the cutout threshold values of the isolator. 10% is nominal for flooded lead acid. AGM charge profiles usually use 20%. Anything you’ve mentioned will work perfectly fine. My camper has 360 ah being charged by a 10a charger- it just takes a while and the batteries have a longer time to sulphate.