Abbeyard - Lake Cobbler Track

Had a recent get away to Bennies Camp Ground in the Alpine National Park. Great spot and I highly recommend it if you get a chance to check it out. Two long drop toilets and a wide variety of camping areas.

Some great views of Mt Buffalo on the way to the start of the Abbeyard - Lake Cobbler Track

2019-10-11 14.33.48.jpg

The track is currently in pretty good condition, steep and rocky in places but very driveable without needing any recoveries.

2019-10-11 16.20.05.jpg

A great vantage point about half way along the track (from the Western End).
2019-10-11 16.18.52.jpg

As a camp ground, Bennies was very green at this time of year and the crowds hadn't hit yet.
2019-10-12 08.45.28.jpg

We also tackled the Mt Cobbler summit hike but got rained out before making it to the end. It's 4km one way from Lake Cobbler and it's a pretty rugged track with not a lot of markings, some very rough terrain, lots of tree's fallen over and generally hard work. I'm told the end result is worth it but I'll have to see that another time.

2019-10-12 11.41.49.jpg

2019-10-12 12.03.50-1.jpg
2019-10-12 14.06.01.jpg
some great pics from a great part of the world..does that hike to mt cobbler summit take u to dandongdale falls ?

Hey Lars, no it doesn't. Although you could follow the stream overland to the top of the falls. I know people who have done that. there's no track however.