A win for the KJ!

I dont get to brag often so here it is. Took the Jeep to Lakefield National Park (in FNQ) over the weekend with a few mates. The rain left the tracks very muddy. As we were leaving our camp, we went through a water crossing with a very steep and muddy hill to climb on the other side. Of the 4 vehicles, the Jeep was the only one to make it up on the first attempt. The other blokes in tritons and rodeos struggled. The Triton got snatched up the hill and the rodeo made it after the 5th attempt. Another mate had a little x-trail which was winched up (it had no hope on its own). I went last and all the blokes had their phones out with cheeky grins on their faces, ready to watch me fail. I just flicked on my lockers and cruised up. Silenced a few critics that day! :D
/end brag.
The '15 model Triton went first. He couldn't get there. Next the Rodeo went. He had to floor it in the end and bounced his way up on the 5th go. Made a real mess in the process. He then snatched the Triton up. The xtrail was then winched to the top and I came up last. Easy peasy! :p