A newbie 4wder from the mornington peninsula

Hey all,
I've just recently brought my very first 4wd. ill be honest and say that ive never actually done any real 4wding other than the odd little thing in the month and a half ive had my fourbie. But in saying that im super keen to get out there and learn more about this lifestyle.

My Rig is a 1990 range rover classic, with the basic mods. Tyres, lift and a winch


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Welcome to the lifestyle! Unfortunately we have nothing on the peninsula to drive so you best get ready for trips to Toolangi and out east too.
Hey all, thanks for the warm welcomes.

Ive jeard about these tracks but i havent ventured out that far yet. Mainly due to the fact i didnt have a winch up until the weekend and as well as that im not so keen to tackle anything by meself just yet.

Im planing to head out to bunyip with my partners father next month so im really keen for that to happen.


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Yeah sort the misfire out first, I like toolangi and been there a bit I’d join a group if you went out there for a trip
Yeah well being a mechanic I'm super anal when it comes to reliability.

At some stage I'll definitely be doing a trip to toolangi. I watched a 4wd action episode and it looks insane. But again I'm still a newbie when it comes to off road but if people are keen to tag along and are willing to help me out as i need then maybe ill do one sooner rather than later


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I'm in Mornington itself, pretty sure it was your car although I'll not mention street names.

I find Bunyip doesn't have a lot of tracks grouped closely together, a lot of closures happened a looong time ago. It's now also track closure season which leaves even less to drive.

For day trips I do Toolangi more often than not, I'm just setting up a snow trip to Walhalla/Mt Useful at the moment too.
Oh really. That's a shame. Might have to re consider going out to bunyip then. My little bro won't be happy but by the sounds of things it's a waste of time and fuel.


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There is but I find them less close together than toolangi for example. Also I think more tracks are open around toolangi at this time of year but haven’t checked this years closure list. I used to enjoy gembrook and bunyip but that was 15 years ago.