A new venture.......Yarraman Qld


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I have some news for you all:
After retiring 14 months ago and doing lots of traveling we have decided to drop anchor and buy a coffee lounge in Yarraman, 20 mins down the road from our house.
We take over on the 24th April and close for the first week to strip the place out and basically re-brand the existing business.
Yarraman is a small town between Toowoomba and Nanango, about 10ks west of Blackbutt.

So call in for barista coffee, big burgers, meals, cakes and fresh sandwiches before we both starve..............lol
Mention that you are a earthling and grab a reg coffee and cake of the day for $6.50.
We are RV and dog friendly, so your dog can sit with you and not chew the car seats while you relax mid journey. and enjoy good honest food at good prices.

Blatant ad now complete........................

Glenn and Jenny
Farmhouse coffee lounge

Les PK Ranger

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Good luck with it mate.
Certainly Yarraman is off the beaten track a bit, guess it's a bit of truckies route perhaps ?
If so, then do a great BET sandwich / roll and awesome coffee, you'll be fine.


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Thanks for the good wishes, we should do alright.
We are on a busy highway as well as the very end of the new England highway.
Not so many trucks but a very popular route for caravans, RV's and camper trailers heading west or inland to north Qld.
Like 4Wd driving.......nothing ventured nothing gained.

Thanks and fingers crossed.


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I thought i would check in, been a while since I have, The new coffee lounge is going gangbusters and we are so busy the simple things tend to be forgotten.
Unfortunately we have to sell our new Jurgens poptop as we can't see us going anywhere for a few years, the joys of small business.
Cheers to you all and if you are near Yarraman (Qld) call in for a Di Bella coffee.