A less conventional approach...


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I had my FL2 for 10 years and 330k kms and it was an awesome car that was serviced at my local anti LR mechanic. In the end he conceeded it was a great car because anything wrong with the car was because of off road abuse by me. :) Mine went from the top of the high country to the Simpson Desert and beaches and trails in every state. I sold it for a low kilometre Pajero and I'm pretty happy with that too, but it doesn't drive as well, is noisier and thirstier, but, it carries more and has more clearance.


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Great choice, I'm sure you'll love it! The FL2 is very capable and versatile and very underrated. As you've found, people don't buy them to go offroad so they tend to have an easier life. Accessories can be an issue though which is one of the reasons why we switched to a wrangler, but if you do a bit of research there are a couple of options. Also if you are going to be doing a lot of offroading, consider tracking down some 17 inch FL2 alloys and fit them with good all terrains or more serious rubber. It took me a couple of purchases to build up a set of 5, but it started with a set of 4 rims with 3 x Cooper AT3's then I tracked down another rim and 2 more tyres. Made a big difference.