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A law unto themselves

Discussion in 'General 4x4 Discussion' started by hodgo, Dec 8, 2018 at 9:46 AM.

  1. hodgo

    hodgo Member

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  2. typhoeus

    typhoeus Well-Known Member

    Or , take out your own comprehensive insurance on the hire vehicle
  3. hodgo

    hodgo Member

    That wouldnt help when it came to so called speeding fines and supposedly stuffing the motor with contaminated fuel etc
  4. typhoeus

    typhoeus Well-Known Member

    Well, like the guy in the vid, its not hard to find out if you have a ticket. Ive done this myself. Getting insurance to cover mechanical damage might be tougher. But maybe not impossible. In any event, i have heard about that company before, and i wouldnt touch them. I google companies for reviews before i make a decision to deal with them these days. Even then ylu can get caught but at least you are making an informed decision
  5. hodgo

    hodgo Member

    they threatened to sue people who left negative reviews
  6. smitty_r51

    smitty_r51 Well-Known Member

    Just been through a similar thing with europcar in the UK. Claimed damages and missing items 4 weeks after the car was returned and signed for.
    Claimed damage to two tyres, paying damage on the back bumper and a missing parcel shelf... Total bill $950.

    Had to get my bank to cancel the payment as fraudulent... which forces the company to provide evidence... I got an email the next day to state they had backed down and said there was no proof and all charges were dropped.

    Wonder how many people just grumble and pay?
  7. hodgo

    hodgo Member

    a mate of mine hired from europcar in tassie
    the same thing happened, for damage to the underside of a corrolla
    he only hired it to go to a wedding then motel then to the airport home
    $800.00 out of his mastercard without notification
    he grumbled & got his money back too
    I get the feeling these rental mobs think they have a free reign with your credit card details
    or maybe they hope for a 50% success rate that might affect their christmas bonus
    I get nervous every time I rent a car
  8. typhoeus

    typhoeus Well-Known Member

    well, to give credit where its due, I had to fly into Adelaide recently, and hired a car from Apex on Marion rd. they were great. I damaged a tyre driving over road plates where they are doing the bridge near Flinders hospital, and there was no issue, no charges. they were great to deal with, so there are good car hire companies out there. having said that, I don't know if making a show out of carefully inspecting it and taking my own photos helped or not.
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  9. Les PK Ranger

    Les PK Ranger 4x4 Earth Contributer

    They certainly have a bad reputation for this in general.
    Have seen many reports about this company over the years.
  10. silkwood

    silkwood Active Member

    Had similar with Europcar in Tassie. Four weeks after hire $350 taken for "tyre damage". Had payment reversed, told them to shove it. Not heard from again and will never deal with again.

    Having said that, I have hired vehicles many times over the years (currently regularly through business) and that is the only issue I have ever had. Not wishing to paint an industry the same colour for the sake of a few bad players.

  11. smitty_r51

    smitty_r51 Well-Known Member

    Yeah had no issues with Avis or enterprise while on the same trip.. Will not go through the lying stealing b####### at europcar again
  12. TasmanSam

    TasmanSam New Member

    The ACCC have gone after Europcar in tassie for this kind of thing before:

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