A day in the bunyip forest


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I posted up a query a while back about Gentle Annie track in the bunyip forest and ended up with an invite to a trip with Sean (silver toy) and a few of his mates , Dino and Ivan in gu,s and Wayne and his lovely wife in a gq. Forgot to mention Sean has an 80 series with lots of tricks on 35,s
We started with a loop around bunyip ridge , little bunyip and then up Anderson,s . Good little drive till we came to the last few hundred metres of andersons which took us well over an hour to do . Bit of winching , snatching and some good driving got us alll thru
Then a loop up western track and Gentle Annie. A few bog holes to negotiate and some tough slippery climbs
The only pics I have is this clip of my little Chinese car on the rock ledges of Gentle Annie
We all had a good run on the ledges then came to a big rutted slippery and rocky climb that Sean got up with a bit of slippping and banging
As the day was getting on we decided not to spend another hour here getting the rest of us up and pulled the plug and headed home
Hopefullly we will get a few pics posted up in the next few days
Big thanks to Sean for inviting me along
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Glad you had a fun time @jacnden , it was a pretty easy day, (for some):D, with 2 GU's, a GQ, my 80 series and the "little 4x4 that could"
as mentioned before, Dennis posted that he was interested in going up to Gentle Annie, so me and my boy's decided that we would make a trip and invite him along, just what nice folk do,
We headed out to Anderson's Track, Via blue range track, and down little bunyip, going up Anderson's, it was easy, until you get to the top 100mt, or so and then it just became a battle of the best and beast, the mighty 80 made it up with a little or no effort, the BIG GU, twin locked and coming in at 3.2 tonne, struggled to get up, a quick tug from me, had him sorted out, then came the GREAT WALL, he made it up quite easy. picking a different line, staying on top of the ruts, up in one go, job well done, the other GU had a few goes, then he was up, and finally the GQ made it up too.
We then headed off on Bunyip River road, to Western Track, via Tea tree track, the first part of Western track was easy for all of us, there were some tricky sections, and then we came to the "hill of death", what become known as the "Nissan Killer",, needless to say it took us 1 hr, multiple straps, double line pull winch and a few berries from the 80, to get him up, then it was the "velvet sledge hammer's" turn, sadly Dennis needed a snatch from me too, we get to the top and he say's, "I drove up most of that", ha ha, good one Dennis, it was then the other Patrol's turn to get up, a few different lines, not that there were many to choose from, just think of a long muddy hill with only 3 ruts in it, 3 or 4 goes each and we are all up, we then snaked our way along Gentle Annie track, had a play on the rocky sections, a bit slower and more a technical rock climbs, then we got to the final hill before the top, a long rutted out hill about 150 mt long and about 100mt high, with rocks in the middle of the ruts, i gave it a crack, bottomed out on some deep ruts, a bang here and there from the rocks and made it to the top, the others could have made it up with a bit of effort, but we all know what those "3 o'clock" tracks can become, we made a smart decision to bail out there, I waddled, slipped graciously, down and we headed home,
Every-one had fun, had a play, learnt something along the way and didn't break anything, all in all, a good day on the tracks.
(pic's to follow)
aka Sean


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Wow, haven't been to Bunyip for 10 years and it certainly has changed a lot !!
Might have to head back there to have a play before the winter closures start but totally booked out until July so don't like my chances