A Blue Mountains Morning

Ol' Harley


I did the Lawson Waterfall circuit about 6 months before lockdown. Wasn't a lot of water about in the falls then. Must get back there soon... :)

Ol' Harley

I managed to get out to the Waterfall Circuit just last week between the rain showers. Track was pretty mucky but passable. Lots of high overcast, which meant great light.

Took this one a little downstream from Federal Falls...

LawsonWFCt_1121_052-69 - Copy.jpg

ISO 50, Canon 17-40mm lens at 21mm, f6.7, 4s, ND4 filter on the lens.

I can't help but wonder though...why is the steepest part always on the way out? Or am I just getting old?


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Nice one. That's waterfall like. Always seem to start at the top and head downhill whcih means uphill on the way out.

Ol' Harley

Too right.

I forgot to add...it was all sitting on a Velbon "Sherpa" tripod that has almost as many bangs and scratches as I do.