99 jeep 4.0L auto spares or repairs or project Melbourne

I have been left with a Jeep cherokee XJ sport i think 99 year, 4L auto in Blue with a number of faults and wondering what to do with it. I don't need to drive it so want to sell whole or as parts. Only recently moved to Australia so not sure on prices/best places to list/sell. I am competent DIY mechanic so could strip parts myself and have storage for them, but not really interested in getting into repairing it myself.

good bits:
engine sounds smooth and not smokey, starts first time
black leather seats in reasonable condition
all the elec features work ok, windows/doors etc

bad bits:
The auto is failing, stuck in first forward gear (suspect coilpack/solenoid need replacing)
whole in the exhaust in engine bay i can't see but it's loud (possibly manifold or first part of pipe or maybe even cat?)
bodywork damage from roo strike (wing and door)
no battery
no rego/rwc

Thanks for your opinions and interest