98 Jeep front diff

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After some information if possible please, my mum and step father have a 98 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited and have a problem with the front diff. They have been quoted about $1800 to have it re built, my question is as they do not use it for four wheel driving are they just able to remove the front tail sharft and just drive it or is therea problem with doing this. Next question is does anyone know where they might get another they live near Shepparton in Vic.




Just make sure the Tyre diameters are all the same around the vehicle..If there not they will do another diff...Did they say the diff was spun ????

They can always put a second hand one..Theres a Jeep place in Clayton from memory...Youll see a diff thread from me on Ausjeep there for a mate awhile ago..


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Post is a bit old now but $1800 sounds ridiculous to me. You can pickup 2nd hand Dana 30s for about $200. If you remove the diff centre and axils and then fit stub axils to hold the wheel bearings together you will be able to drive it around in 2wd.
Give Poly 4x4 a call on 03 9562 7779 they are a jeep wreckers talk to Barry he will do you a good deal on one they are in Oakleigh Victoria and they ship Australia wide but if you can't do the work yourself they can do it for you