94 Rocky F78 Build Up


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So, seeing as I got a great response to my thread about there being no Rocky, let alone Daihatsu content, I have decided to post the build up of my Rocky.

I had always wanted a small 4wd. I am a single bloke, and dont need something huge. Completely perpendicular to that, I was going to buy an ex-army Defender 110. It just didnt work out, but I am glad in the end.
I looked for small 4wd's, and was on the lookout for a SWB Landcruiser, or a newer Suzuki. Then I came across a Rocky for sale in Brisbane. 340km away, and a bit pricey, but I was keen. Before I went interstate to look at it, I did a search locally on Gum Tree for the same vehicle. There, in Grafton, only 65km away, was the perfect car. On the test drive, I was pulled over for a breath test. I had left my wallet (sans cash) with the owner as a sign of good faith. The copper let me off, and I knew this car was mine.
OLD couple owned it. Had put on 9,500km in the last year. Clean, no rust, good power. Brakes went soft under constant pressure (master cylinder). I got it with 313,xxxkm on the clock for $4,000.

Within two weeks, the pinion bearing had died. I was heart broken.

Thats when I truly started to learn about the Rocky.

The local mechanic couldnt fix it, and I ended up driving the diff up to Brisbane myself. The passenger axle seal had died long before, and stuffed the brake pad on that side.

There are NO brake parts for the F78 in Australia. I had to get a new brake master cylinder and wheel cylinders from the UK. That, with all parts, labor and two trips to Brisbane, I was in for another $2,500.

The suspension is factory, and very tired. Apart from that, it is a perfect little machine. The engine is bulletproof, it had new tyres, the interior was good, and the paint/body really good.

The very first thing I did to it was remove the back seats. I dont need em, but I needed the room. I built a shelf, and installed a 40l Engel.




Carpet is just from Bunnings. Carpet and ply are marine grade so I can hose it out.
Recovery gear goes under the fridge. Water, tent, sleeping bag and other stuff wedge next to the fridge.

I put in a UHF, dual battery with isolator, and wired the whole vehicle for power. I also made this...


150W can inverter is inside. Fused, obviously. Has a cigar socket to plug into any car. Switch on top.

I have changed all fluids, and need to get around to the air and fuel filters. Belts have all been replaced as well. Have greased most nipples, but you always come across one you have missed.

I have now also put a cheap Android tablet in. GPS antenna goes out the sunroof, and magnetically sticks to the roof. Tablet has Androzic, with all 1:25,000 topo maps of Australia. Also comes in handy when I am camping to watch movies. Connects through my phone to the interweb.
Also got a combination clock/calendar, inside temp and outside temp unit. Only a few bucks from China.


Coming Attractions include but are not limited to:
New seats
New suspension
New carpet
New door cards
Roof console
Folding table on rear door
Roof Racks based on the factory fitted ones
Strip and respray all wheels
Bed and more shelves in the back
Window tint

Cheers guys.


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Cool looks like you've been busy. Not sure about your model but my resin top has threaded holes under the blanking caps to mount roof racks or a roof basket