9350 on bullbar?

Anyone know if it's still legal to mount a codan 9350 on the bull bar (front)? Or have the recent pedestrian 'protection' laws impacted that.


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In qld I had to move mine on a 105 series to the rear spare tyre swing arm to comply , that was many years ago. I have seen them on dual cabs mounted to the side between canopy and cab on custom made brackets.


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Its not just for pedestrian protection, its so it wont obstruct your view out the front.
Also why spot lights, light bars, etc, should not hinder forward view.
I wonder what the 'fine line' is though, as smaller whip antennas seem to be OK.
*Smaller whip antennas, front supports for carrying long items, and various dangling crap people put on their rear view mirror, not to mention the various factory dash mounted stuff that's installed these days. :)

Doubt these guys thought they had an vision issues ;)



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South Australia : Quote: "Additional fittings, such as driving lamp brackets, fishing rod holders or aerial mounting brackets that protrude above the top or forward of bull bar are not allowed." End Quote:

Qld : Quote : "
Long Range Radio Antennas
Long range antennas may be fitted to a vehicle without specific approval, provided they meet the following requirements:
• Forward mounting is permitted only when it is impossible or impractical to install the antenna to the rear of the vehicle.
• The installation must be attached as low as is practical to ensure the large diameter
section of the antenna projects above the bonnet line for the minimum distance.
• Only one long range antenna (large diameter base) may be fitted to the front of a vehicle and must be fitted to the left side (maximum diameter permitted 75mm).
• All sharp edges or protrusions which could cause injury to anyone making contact with the device must be removed or rounded. " :End Quote:

The fine line? The State you live in? The make sure if you hit a kangaroo you use your shovel and bury it, so no autopsy and subsequent coroners report shows any injury was caused by an alleged ''accessory'' that may or may not have contributed to the alleged victims untimely demise while not crossing the road at an approved crossing zone without a reflective vest. :cool:.


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Western Australia : Quote: " Attachments and attachment points on bull bars Of particular concern are the ways in which items protruding forward of the bumper or bull bar are fitted e.g. accessory fittings attached to the front of a vehicle such as brackets and attachment points supporting aerials and driving lights. It is acceptable to have attachment points fixed to bull bars for these items provided they are fixed to the rear surface of the bull bar in a manner that prevents them from becoming dangerous projections. Similarly, fishing rod holders may only be fitted if they do not protrude forward of the front face of the bull bar to which they are fitted. " End Quote:

And if you live in any other state find it yourself !! B H they don't make it easy to find !! and I'm betting the rest of the states have exactly the same wording but totally different, because the kangaroos cant read where to cross the road safely, dopey buggers.:cool:
The SA one is almost laughable, the bracket can't protrude but the antenna can? I think a 3040 is the answer for me, just need to find one at a bargain price..


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So, none of the regulations pertain to forward vision blocking, only pedestrian safety? (sharp stuff)

Rod holders, kidney mashers.

Made me think about something related. I wonder if it OK to block rear vision, out the rear window, with stuff piled up? (Where a rear vision mirror is fitted and perhaps no reverse camera)


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Forward Vision is a separate entity of its own ... It makes some good reading if you search out "Minor Modification [insert your state here]" then scroll, sub menu, go back, try that heading, try this heading, go back........ find correct PDF, click load, charge mouse battery first, there is some scrolling in the SA one :(

Rear Vision, I can quote that one from memory: "A driver must be able to see to the rear of a vehicle'' or some dissimilar wording that I could make up, to sound knowledgeable?

Now if one were to block the fluffy dice holder, one then must fit side mirrors to facilitate said vision to the rear. I laugh, bought a 4WD, bought a camper trailer, towed it round for a while, no hassles, built a well tub frame so neatly bent to match the cab shape, had a poly cover made to suit, great! went to here and there the back piled high, not towing that B big thing.
Hooked up camper trailer first time as a complete functioning unit, 2 days later in the middle of nowhere, 2 of the dearest clip on wing mirror extensions were sourced from Apu in a parts shop who must have saw the idiot sign on the forehead, and charged accordingly.
It took two/three hours to work out 'why' I cant see Jacques Cousteau out the side mirrors, I could see over the top via the fluffy dice mirror before that nice piece of poly was there, DUH!

You can't laugh at me, I beat you to it. : :cool: