93 Suzuki Vitara 100kmph max????


Hey guys,

Have finally got me a 4WD, 1993 Suzuki Vitara 2dr JX 1.6 L beast to be exact.Weighing in at just under 1,000kg.

My question is, how would I increase the power (horsepower) as it is revving at 3500-4000 when going 100kph? I think that's abit high.

Does anyone else that has a Vitara experience this?
How could I rectify this issue?

I was planning to fit a K&N cold air intake to try improve the performance but was wondering what else I could do.

Thanks guys


G'day Ryan,

I bought my 4x4 to go slow, not fast. Just sayin'. Increasing HP won't reduce RMP but will certainly increase fun factor. I've seen some sweet Zukes go places that I had 2nd thoughts about. But they never go much over 100kph. Suck it up, or ...

Get a Patrol (kidding, sort of ...):cool:


4x4 Earth Contributer
Had a Beetle back in the 60's. Could only get about 112 kph. flat out.
Good with a tail wind, down the hills, keep it wound up, don't carry more than two with little or no gear.
Maybe leave early on trips.
Being light and slimmer than most gives you an advantage in the bush.
Maybe put a high ratio diff in it???:D


Yeah think I might have to leave early doing a trip from Adelaide to Darwin.And get some work done there as I leave next Monday.