90 Series Prado Fuel Passage Sub Tank

Patrick Albrecht

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I have an 1996 Toyota Prado, It is my First Prado.

I have owned other Vehicles with Dual Fuel Tanks and have not had this feature, 70 and 80 series Land cruisers, Pajero

The manual Says (attached) that when you drive on the Main tank it Puts fuel in to the Sub tank to force you to use the sub to keep the pump lubricated. (this makes sense)

1st Question) I had just over half an tank of Main when I decided to swap it to sub, I am down to half a tank on Sub, at the same time the Main has dropped down to a Quarter, with out me running on the Main tank at all.

Is this Normal??:confused: seems like it is using from both tanks!

2nd) Does any one know how much gets pumped in to the tank from the other (EG 5lts for ever 20ltrs used

3rd) Can I Disable this feature with out buying a new solenoid, as I like a Sub tank to be a Sub (Reserve, Emergency etc)

4th) When the Sub is Full, and you are running on Main am I looing fuel on the road or what?? where is it going when its pumping it over?


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Steve McGeorge

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The movement of petrol to Sub from Main is very very slow in my experience. Never seen the Main drop down like that - except when going up or down a hill, the gauge can change quite a bit.


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each tank has its own fuel pump,when you have the sub tank on it supplies fuel to the engine and also the main tank at same time unless the main tank is full, then the excess fuel will be returned to the sub tank

teza h

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As far as I know the only way to fix this is with a solenoid out of a land cruiser,I had the same anoying problem but when I had to replace the busted solenoid I could only get hold of a land cruiser one,I just had to change over the wireing plug\ conector from my old one,it solved the problem of fuel transfer. If you are loosing fuel,it can only be a leek in the sistem and should be fixed.
Cheers Teza.


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I now for past few months have the reverse situation. When running on the SubTank, fuel has been transferring to the Main Tank. I think it has something to do with the return line. Was said to me, its a valve is the issue. -- 1990 petrol V6 3400