80 series diesel, not mine

I bet you could change that though ;). A few little tweaks here and there and you'd have a lot more grunt

Yeah could do mate but after rebuilding the 1hz , then further issues and 14k later I'm after reliability now and not overly concerned about power increases. The FTE goes quite well in standard form with a 3" zorst so I'm happy with that mate, it is a lovely engine I must say.

Rhett HS

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I calculate a 3K price drop Rhett...
Yeah, possibly. I was calculating off the first price i saw on the windscreen. So was it immediately 'discounted', or did it actually start off at that price?

I just did another trip through the VHC. Looking at the cars around, it seems that if you dont drive a toyota, you drive a nissan. And if you dont drive a nissan, you drive a toyota. Similar to 4x4earth meets i have been to.

Then again i saw some other snowchasing 4wders, from melbourne, who were all over my rok, hadnt seen anything like it and thought it was cool.