76 severe steering shimmy - Kings wheels & KO2s

Mine are the same - 285/75 R16s.

I hadn't updated this thread yet, but after I road tested the tyres after two were re-seated, the problem remained. Michelin agreed to replace all tyres, and I'm currently waiting for new ones to arrive.

Michelin have been made aware that this is their last chance to get it right before I ask for a refund on these. I hope you have better luck, CruiserAd - I honestly think I just managed to get a few tyres from a bad batch.


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285s are not legal on the standard 7" rims (not that people dont do it)

Better option is a 255/85 which is also 33" but perfectly legal on a 7" rim
I missed the part where you mentioned the standard alloy rims, CruiserAd, until mac_man_luke pointed it out. He's right.

For the cost of steel rims, it's worth putting your new tyres on a 16x8 if you're set on 285/75s (which is what I've done - my standard alloys are still running the factory rubber).