76 Series Reverse Camera

Hey guys I have a 2015 76 series cruiser that I want to fit a reverse camera to.
I have the Toyota factory fitted head unit with the built in GPS.
I know the head unit is revers camera compatible and would like to hook up the camera to this as I have enough extra crap in cabin area already without having another screen on the dash etc.
Has anyone done this set up ? if so what adapters do I need for the head unit to patch in a reverse camera.
Any assistance would be helpful as Toyota don't seem to know, they put me onto ARB, same result.




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As Swaggie said it should just be a generic connection for the camera and then there will be a power cable to activate it
You normally connect it to a reverse gear power feed off your reversing lights but I have mine on a separate independent power switch on the dash so I can turn it on whenever I want , I don’t like it coming on whenever I am in reverse because it also muted the sound
My unit is a Clarion but I would expect yours would be the same
Grab a brand name one off EBay , mine is a Sony from memory


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Yeah I'm not familiar with the actual head unit, but my first call would be to have a look at back.
The plastic surround on crusier just pops off. Press the little clip in on hazard light switch and disconnect that.
Then it's just four screws in each corner of head into and you'll be able to slide it out.

My only concern is that it could be like a Hilux and use a OEM plug, not an RCA like aftermarket units do.
Here is a PDF for Hilux so you know what I mean.


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From memory you will need to also order a patch loom from toyota to tell your headunit when you select reverse gear.


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Camera is a camera , don’t see why a 76 series would be any different ....
Toyota and ARB couldn’t help you ??? Why not ??


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Camera is a camera , don’t see why a 76 series would be any different ....
Toyota and ARB couldn’t help you ??? Why not ??
Just because stock head units use all their own plugs and wierd shit... Unlike a aftermarket head unit.
Thanks for all the input guys, got a kit off of Ebay all good, came with the 4 pin plug in lead to the head unit for the video feed, the patch lead that goes in series with existing head unit wiring ( takes the positive feed from the reverse lights thru this plug), the wiring harness and the camera itself.
Not to bad to fit just the usual running wires etc can be a pain but at this early stage seems the be really great, I mainly got it to spot the trailer when hooking up so very happy with it at this stage. Check it out on Ebay

Toyota Hilux Hiace add Reverse Camera Integration OEM Factory Navigation Screen


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Not really up to the technical side of what this is about. Only that I met a Truckie at Cowra caravan park couple of months ago. He showed me how he mounted the camera down low , through his bumper, so he could see and line up his tow ball on the van rather than just look out the back.:).