6 Person Tent??

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I'm looking for recommendations for a tent that comfortably fits 2 adults and 2 children with gear ... Thinking of a 6 person tent. Any recommendations for a lightweight l? I can see that the ALPS Mountaineering was recommended in this article- https://www.abc-of-rockclimbing.com/6-person-tent/, but it seems that the tent has been discontinued.
Thank you
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My only suggestion is..

I had a 6 person twin dome tent and only used it a couple of times as finding a camp site big enough was actually an issue due to there always being a hole/rock/tree/old fireplace...
The bag also took up close to 40L of cargo area.
A 6 person tent is a fair lump of canvas. It is heavy to move around, bulky to pack and takes a fair bit of real estate when pegged out. Getting it dry when you get home after getting rained out is a challenge too.

A couple of 3 man tents or a 4 and a 2 will be easier to pack as 2 bags can be packed in between stuff, rather than the tent being the biggest item and everything having to fit around it. You will have the same storage/sleeping area and greater flexibility to use the available space at a camp site.

Giving the kids their own domain makes them feel grown up and important and as a bonus also gets them a bit further away so they can giggle and whisper all night, but not keep you awake.

2 tents will also give redundancy. If the camping trip turns to porridge and a storm blows through that trashes the camp, you can probably cannibalize bits to fix one tent and all all be dry for the night (if a little cramped), rather than having to pack up in the dark and head home.


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No complaints with our Coleman 9cv. Weighs about 23kg in the bag...take 15 minutes up or down and can be done by one person at a stretch.

Two separate bedrooms so you can sit the kids away and a central room for gear... Has ours through many storms and no leaking in 10 years.

Usually discounted at one of the retailers if you shop around


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Actually this kinda has Merritt iff bulky ,
add another pod and some screen walls and its Targe ma tent. No bugs and you can walk around when the weather goes to shit


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I have the Big Agnes Big House 6. Great dome with enough height to stand (I'm 6'3"), and stable as a rock in wind. It just fits a queen and a double Coleman air mattress side-by-side with room in front and back for gear/clothes. Two small kids and two adults, we live in luxury and all have plenty of room.
Used it for the last two season and it's rocked.
Before that we had Tensleep Station which was another good option from this brand, actually. But we used 4 people option and that's why we switched to another - and bigger - option.
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We have the Coleman instant-up 8P tent. Great tent and easy to put up for sure, practiced from start to finish about 20 mins including pegs. Sleeps the three of us (we have a queen inflatable mattress and my son has a single). If you slept in just sleeping bags you could easily fit 4 in there plus a few bits.


+1 for the gazebo hub idea. BCF have Wanderer ones on sale for $99 down from $249. I had one and they pack into a bag the size of a two man tent. The space inside them however is absolutely massive. You could easily sleep 4 people and gear in there. I recently sold mine as I've bought a camper trailer now and simply never used it. It felt like a waste of a good product just sitting in my shed.