5th Annual NSW Meet - Barrington Tops May 1-3 (Cancelled)

This year we've gone for a different location again. This year it should be nicer for those in the north.

May 1st to 3rd (feel free to arrive earlier, and stay later)
Little Murray Campground, Barrington Tops - Google Maps will tell you around 4.5 hours from Sydney but it is a little quicker than that (traffic pending)
31°58'53.3"S 151°27'31.5"E
-31.981462, 151.458740


There is a $6 camp fee per person per night. Payment is to an auto collection box so bring the right money if you can.

Click the link below to register.

What is the Annual Meet?
Basically the meet is a chance for new and old members alike to come together, have a camp, drive some tracks and generally be a bunch of legends together. Us NSW crew are a friendly bunch and we like to think we are very good at having a single fire for all to enjoy. It makes for a more social camping experience.

The Location?
Little Murray Campground is located just off Barrington Trail, which is signposted off the main Barrington Tops Forest Road. The campground has basic drop toilets and that's it. Water for washing can be obtained from the nearby creek but should be boiled before drinking.
You're likely to see all kinds of wildlife including brumbies.

Being at altitude it can get mighty cold so come prepared. It can snow up there in winter but it's very unlikely in early May.

Access is via generally maintained dirt roads that can be rough but are easy for any AWD.

Whats Around?
Within a day trip are waterfalls (some walking), the Moonan Flat Pub, Nundle Pub via the Scone-Nundle Road (around 15 river crossings and gorgeous scenery), multiple lookouts, "The Rock", several trout streams and much more. This place is a bit of tourers paradise.
There is limited difficult 4wding but that's not really what this trip is about.

Phone Service?
Non existent at camp. Some of the higher parts of the National Park get patchy service on Telstra otherwise a trip to Gloucester or Scone is your best bet.

What to Bring?
  • If you are going out on the drives, your own rated recovery equipment.
  • All camping equipment required.
  • All food and water for cooking and drinking.
  • UHF radio for communication while driving - if you don't have one just ask and I'm sure we can rustle up a hand held.
  • Anything else to be self sufficient for the duration of your stay.
  • Any legend mate, provided they sign up to the forum and fill out the registration form for the meet.
All rubbish must be taken out with you. There are no rubbish bins.
Please do not dispose of metal containers, glass bottles or plastic in campfires.
Remember, if you can carry it in, you can carry it out.
We would also encourage picking up any rubbish you come across.
Please do not dispose of any rubbish in the pit toilets as this leads to them being closed and unavailable

What not to Bring?

  • Domestic Pets
  • A bad attitude
  • Your dickhead mate
We will sort out the day drives a little closer to the date and depending on numbers.

Who's Attending?
@boris mikilchuck
@David Moriarty
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That will be an awesome weekend. Beautiful country side around that area, and a couple of good pubs too.:cool: sadly can't make it. Last year I was in Broome, this year Bundaberg. Hopefully next year I'll be close enough to join in.


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Rego Done. Its been a while.
I'll come up on the Saturday arvo and stay the the night though due to work.
Google tells me 3 hrs from home near newcastle stadium.
3 Hours ??? Did you tell it you no longer have the Hilux ?