57L fridge/ freezer oztrail


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Anaconda have a big price cut on at the moment.
oztrail singular zone fridge/freezer 57L going for $399


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I have one, picked up after the last one gave up after 10 years.

Only complaints are it rattles more than the old one when empty and the 12/240v can't be connected at the same time and the power brick for 240v is massive, otherwise a great efficient fridge especially at that price.

Pulls around 4amp when on and we got 3 days out of a 60a lithium with capacity to spare and the fridge half full.


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I've been trying to purchase an Engel fridge as they are meant to be the ants pants but have given up as there seems to be a stock shortage of the size I want. decided to buy a cheapie from anaconda as above. even trying to purchase an engel accessory for my engel battery box has been fraught with frustration


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I just got back from a 4 day trip with my 80L version of the same fridge & this was its 1st big test, I am more than happy with it.
Both sides were set an 0*c & drew very little from my 140ah AGM.

Not sure about the rattles as its in the tray but the compressor/motor is very quiet imo.


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I am happy with other LG appliances in the house and have had no problems with my Oztrail LG compressor fridge.
Who knows where the Danfoss compressors come from these days.


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Danfoss, now Secop are manufactured in both europe and china. It's a fair bet we know where the aus market ones come from.

Same place as the 12v LG ones. China.

I think they are probably both comparable in battery use, and repairable by any fridge mechanic at a reasonable price.

I still like the danfoss because all the circuit's and diagnostics are online.


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Dometic don’t use Secop anymore but use their own brand of compressor now as I understand it in all their fridges


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Same place as the 12v LG ones. China.
LG have factories in China, Thailand, Korea & India.

Maybe you could inform us where the parts come from for 100% Aussie owned companies??

While a company like Bushman can sprout they are 100% Australian owned family company I will guarantee that only a small % of their parts or manufacturing is done here.

Happy to be proven wrong ;)