4x4earth needs a new slogan


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I bumped into someone out in the bush and was told about 4x4 Earth but I had never heard of it, even though I had been on other forums for many years
probably came up on a search but 4x4 sounds like a lump of timber and the earth bit sounded sorta like a tree hugging greenie thing
something with "4WD" would make more sense


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If you look at your "4x4 Earth" headline it does not mention 4 wheel driving. It was not obvious you are 4wd enthusiasts More like a hippy type arrangement. Until you get into the site and find out what it's all about. JMHO. CHEERS Brian
Ps. I know you have a picture of a ? as well but what does that mean? Just giving you another perspective of what I see

Doesn't 4x4 mean 4wding?

Aaron Schubert

Doesn't 4x4 mean 4wding?

To those in the 4WD game its obvious, but those who are new to it or have never heard of it 4x4 doesn't mean much. This is why most of the 4WD media uses '4WD' instead of 4x4.

It's an interesting topic though
Four Wheel Driving
4 wheel driving
or over here we have a book called the Western 4WDriver


Aaron Schubert

Are we trying to entice people who aren't remotely interested enough to know what 4x4 means in this context?

Possibly, I really don't know!

I've met plenty of people before that had nothing to do with 4WD's and fell in love with them after reading about others experiences, or seeing their photos. There are a lot of people that would visit 4x4 earth with the intention of looking at an image, or reading a bit more about something that the search engines picked up. There is lots of great information on this site that doesn't directly relate to 4WD's.



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I thought about what 4x4 earth does for me.....
"4x4 earth........ discover confidently"
Hope that is useful without being crass


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You don't need a completely new logan /identity.
You just need a quirky note, something catchy a slogan that then ends in 4x4 Earth. (Which its all about) Having a slogan 1st then your Name/Logo/Identify/ Trade mark has it benefits..
1stly. Over time its change able, a quick change of the slogan can help keep up with the times, or a new client base, or a age group etc etc Remember it really only the 4x4 Earth part thats it true name.
2ndly.If you also have a few slogans you can target a bigger audience / all age groups. 1 shoe doesn't fit all. But a shoe needs a good sole...
Shoe size (SLOGAN) Sole (4X4 EARTH)
Eg. (Yes some repeats)
Thats what "she" said @ 4×4 Earth
Thats what "he" said @ 4x4 Earth.
Our family all started with @ 4×4 Earth
It all started with @ 4×4 Earth
Online to outbush @ 4×4 Earth
If it an't flying it an't driven @ 4×4 earth
Old farts know best @ 4×4 earth.
HE lost us SHE found us @ 4×4 Earth.
SHE lost us HE found us @4×4 Earth

Just look at all the different "stick figures" stickers an how they catered for everyone.

I think your audience is to big for 1. Slogan. Its about the community @ 4×4 Earth. so registering just that helps keeps the freedom allowing you to adapt change or update with out lossing your true Past/History.


why not hav3 a picture of a 4wd which is over exaggerated instead of a non descriptive Navarro/triton/hilux etc. That is unless the majority of your members drive these. Something like what you might see outside the Ettamoga pub? Just food for thought. Cheers Brian

Les PK Ranger

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In almost sure there was a sketch type 4wd once with tracks on there too ?
Agree it is easier to relate to a generic 4wd wagon sketch type of graphic, an actual photo looks too neat and clean.