4x4earth needs a new slogan


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4x4 Earth - A good route into back country, we've got 4wding licked.

Gotta keep all demographics covered these days. That'll keep the sponsors happy. Jeep will be right on to it.



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So what do we actually do different to other sites?

Tracks database,
friendly (and family friendly) forum,
bush care, knowledge and experience.

Tracks is probably what we've been aiming for mostly (thus the old slogan).

Maybe "4x4 Earth - Tracks for your next adventure"


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I rest my case your honour :).


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Personally I think you need to disassociate yourself from other forms of media that have similar names in their titles
E.g Tv shows- All for adventure, Your 4X4
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1. Explore the Real Australia
2. Beyond the Burbs; Travel the Trail.
3. Dream...Plan...GO!....Repeat


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Ok I only had 2 minutes on my first post this morning as I had one foot out the door heading to work.
Now that I am home with an icy cold bundy in my hand I have a few more............:)
  • Beyond the Bitumen
  • Doing it on all 4's
  • Something new around each turn
  • The path less travelled
  • Not all who wander are lost
  • The best therapy in low range
  • For those who dare to drive it
  • On the road to nowhere
  • High & low, far & wide & all in between
  • The journey beckons
  • The sea, The summit, The serenity
More to come, Im just topping up my drink o_O