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A day trip into the mountains got SWMBO and I talking ('bout time). What 4x4 trip/track/location is on our bucket list? I suggested the outback, the centre and the cape but "we" decided on ... Tasmania. Fair call, she spent some time there in her youth (many ... MANY years ago) and would like to visit the area around Cradle Mountain. Deal, and research started (I bookmarked a few web sites). So ... my list, so far.

1. Tasmania
2. Western Australia (coast)
3. Victoria (Otways)

Now, I know there is another thread about "bucket list" but it is a bit ... general, so, what 4x4 destination is on your "bucket list"? Where do you want to visit before the big sleep? And why?
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Got quite a few id like to do,
West coast of tassie, climes and balfour tks, for there rugged untamed beauty, the challenge and what looks to be awesome 4wding.

CSR, the remoteness, the beauty of the west oz outback, the challenge.

The most westerly and northern points of Australia, been to the eastern and southern pionts.

Go to the Bilbanya dunes in west oz, looks incredible

And a trek from mexico to the canadian/american boarder on dirt tracks and dirt roads, read an artical in 4x4 aust aboutt this trek and seemed to be an incredible adventure.

Through Africa and south America, read some fantastic trip reports on the countries.

It's getting late, thats all I can think off now.



now lets see

1. The Vic high country
2. Fraser island
3. Tasmania
4. The Center
5. West oz
6. The Top End

just to name a few, there is a lot of Australia that i still would like to get to


Thanks guys,

We're slowly ticking off the local stuff but would really like to camp and watch the sun set over the ocean. WA here we come, after Tasmania. Spent my time in the tropics so it doesn't make the list. SWMBO isn't at all interested in ANY desert (except fly to the rock, touch it, fly home). No interest in going to another country. NZ doesn't even appeal.

Victoria is high on the list with some of the iconic drives. The Otways look pretty good.


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With you on Tassie Twisty,
We spent 10 days doing the top half, both east and west, had the best time.To do the bottom half and revisit a couple of terrific campsites on the east coast is certainly on the list.
Do it, you will be talking about it for years.:cool:


I have been lucky to do a few over the last couple of years. I have ticked off North, East and Western most points so it looks like the Prado needs to be put on the Spirit of Tassie so i can tick off the Southern.
Also i want to do the CSR and other outback tracks.


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i love the outback and remote travel but three i want to do..



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One major trek per year.

May 2013, the CSR and the general area north of Alice Springs, then toss a coin to decide a direction.


Already done the the big lap many years ago, so...

Across Russia , St. Petersberg to Vladivostok. My dream.

Recently did 14,000 K's thru Canada some US states. Got as far as 68 degs. North. Alaska, Montana, a bit of Wyomig and Washington. Really put the hook into me, want to go back in winter and drive some of those Canadian Ice roads.

Iceland wouldn't be bad to. Volcainos right next to icefields.