4x4 show on the weekend just past!


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Hi guys,
Just asking around and wanting to know who went and what did you think of the show on the weekend was it busy and were there any bargains to be had?:cool::confused::confused:


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Was pretty good. Spent a fair amount of time checking out the CUB camper trailers[and finally found what we want}, the Harrop engineering stand got a visit and there was a pretty decent angling area too. Plenty of people there, ARB and most of the usual suspects exhibiting. The same sort display in the middle with Sampson and Mums Taxi doing their thing.
Worth the $15 to park and $17 entrance for sure, glad they had the free shuttle buses though.:eek:
Made the most of it, because we won't be able to make the August one.


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I have had a few reports the last two days it was a major flop and the Vendors and even ARB are scrambling to book a place in the main show in August. :confused: I don't think they will have the room for them all.
Well we will see how it compares to the big show in a couple of months time ;)


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Looked well attended, but I guess some will want to talk it down and others seem pretty keen for it to flop for their own reasons.
Some may think the two shows are too much and too close , I actually like the choice, have been to both in recent times and really there is not a hell of a lot of difference between the two when it comes down to it.
Choice is good.:D
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I was a bit perplexed as to the OP, and exactly what / where this show was.
Yes, seems some people support one or the other (who can blame them, doing shows as a vendor is expensive and time consuming).
Running down other shows is something to avoid, you never know when the tide may turn the other way.


Hey Les, next time we are around a campfire I will give you the whole story. I do believe that there is 1 too many shows in Melbourne and Queensland. It places a huge strain on the smaller companies, trying to pick which one or to do both. And really there probably isn't that much difference between them.