4x4 nissan Elgrand for beach driving

hey guys, I know you will probably all laugh me out of the forum but I am looking at buying a 4x4 nissan Elgrand and am hoping to take it on the beach, now I know this isnt real 4x4 but I have seen alot of videos of the elgrands handling real well in the snow and some older models which I think are proper 4x4 on the beach. the issues I see are that they are low so I will put new springs and a lift kit, put A/T tyres and I have seen some cool custom bullbars for them. do you think this is possible can you see any other issues with taking elgrands on the beach? or do you think this is a disaster waiting to happen?? I have been searching the internet for anyone taking these things on the beach and as yet have not seen or read anything. I mean as long as the tyre pressure is correct and there is enough clearance for entry and exit of beach there shouldnt be a problem right??


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Depends the type of beach you intend to drive on, on hard packed beaches it should be fine but anything soft its going to struggle without a proper 4x4 system, low ground clearance etc