4x4 Explorer (Hema) route planning


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Hi everyone,

I'm currently planning a WA / NT trip with Hema 4x4 Explorer. There are detailed maps with most tracks loaded into the app, but the app still connects the destinations "as the crow flies" instead of following the road/track (see photo). I don't have a problem with guidance as there is only one road, but it throws out the total distance by quite a bit which is essential for me to plan fuel stops.
The option "off-road" is not ticked, and it somewhat follows the road, but it is more like a rough guess.

Did anyone else experience this problem, or is it perhaps normal?




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I don't use Hema Explorer for turn-by-turn navigation. If I need to take a turn-off some distance away where I'm likely to forget then I drop a pin at the turn-off to remind me. Otherwise I use Google maps to get me where I'm going then Hema to explore an area.


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We use GaiaGPS extensively (Premium version with offline maps and state government topo maps) for exploring more remote areas. We use Google or Waze for highway driving, they don't cut it once you are on the dirt in the forests though as don't have reliable maps and insufficient detail. We also use other apps for research, but Gaia is the main one we consistently use.

With Gaia, we download the Gaia topo layer, the state government topo map (NSW in our case), the satellite layer, and the Gaia Overland layer. The Overland layer is useful as it highlights 4WD tracks and keeps them highlighted when you zoom out, which means you can usually still see the interesting roads at an overview level. When you download maps, make sure you also download routing information so you can route offline. You can't search Gaia offline sadly - so do your homework before you leave the safety of the internet!

We plan and track in segments (usually a day, each coloured differently. We don't use Guide Me, cos that takes the fun out of it! We like reading maps and stuffing up an occassionally getting lost, we don't want the app to "own" our experience by telling us to turn left etc.