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Gidday Folks,

What a read so far, and i haven't touched the sides of some of your articles. Not sure the boss is going to get to much out of me for the next couple of weeks.

Just got hold of a stock standard 94 turbo diesel landcruiser so I'll be looking for some idea's and directions on getting her up to speed, wallet permitting !..



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Hello Mark
Great Site and a Good bunch of guys , We will try to help the best we can
all the best Waggs :D


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Hi and welcome dude from a fellow newbie,,,theres heaps of awesome threads to check out here, and seems they all have a good sense of humour toooo,,mind you, with 4X4's, you kinda need that sometimes...
Cheers, Chops

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Hi nark welcome aboard, join in and get something out of it too, you will find a lot of trips etc planned by the members so if you want to come along, jump in.