4x4 Earth Tracks

I may* be blind as I can't see anything about this anywhere, but how are the 4x4 Earth "Tracks" on the site created? Are they something anyone can contribute to?

* I am legally blind based on the law of SWMBO as in, I look for something and can't find it, she says "are you blind? Here it is!" to which the only answer is a nod.
Yes I know where to find them, I don't know how to contribute or even if contributions are accepted. There is nothing on that page that I can see that explains it.

Mr Rum

4x4 Earth Legend
Based on what was said at the SA Earth Meet last month...

The new tracks map is currently view only, downloads should be available soon, followed by the ability to upload.:)
Is there anyway we could edit some of the old track files that have been uploaded by pass users, I have found errors in locations shown on map to where the track is acutely located.